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Probate is the legal process whereby a decedent’s assets and debts are settled through the Florida court system. Probate is required whether the deceased person had a will or not. If the deceased person’s estate is protected by a trust, however, probate is generally avoided.

Handling a probated estate can be complicated, requiring extensive paperwork and a lot of persistence. At Weaver Loveless Law, our Lake Wales probate lawyers have extensive experience helping estate executors and beneficiaries navigate this process. We bring a high level of integrity and legal ability to every case we handle.

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How Does Probate Work?

Where the deceased person has left a will, it must be submitted to and validated by the probate court. If it is found valid by the court, then its provisions will likely be followed. The court will permit the named executor(s) to act as the deceased’s personal representative(s). If the will has not provided for an estate administrator, it is left to the court to appoint a personal representative.

Personal representatives are expected to:

  • Locate all assets and property
  • Value these assets
  • Pay off any existing debts or estate taxes
  • Determine the validity of any claims from creditors brought against the estate and pay off those that are valid
  • Locate all the named beneficiaries of the estate
  • Distribute assets and clean title of all property to the beneficiaries per the will
  • Close the estate

Should any beneficiaries or family members contest the will, the court will have the responsibility of settling the matter. In the case of intestacy, the estate will be settled according to Florida probate law.

Do I Need a Probate Lawyer?

The probate process does not require the supervision of a lawyer. However, an experienced probate attorney can best guide you through many of the more complex parts of probate. A lawyer can work with you to protect your best interests and ease the process for all parties involved.

It is especially important to contact a probate attorney if:

  • There are any risks of a probate contest or other dispute
  • The estate may not be able to cover all debts
  • The estate owes state or federal estate taxes
  • There are any questions or issues as to how to distribute assets to beneficiaries

Seek Trusted Legal Assistance from Weaver Loveless Law

Administering an estate can be an overwhelming task. If it is not done properly, it can have significant consequences for heirs and beneficiaries. Our firm offers invaluable legal assistance for those involved in the probate process. We urge you to take advantage of the experience of our estate planning and probate law attorneys in this complicated matter.

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